About Us

We are Solar Gen, a solar PV lead generation agency for solar PV installers in the UK.

We work on the “pay-per-lead” model. While other agencies charge you a retainer (plus make you pay for their ads), we simply charge you for every lead we send you. That means you take no risk, and you’re guaranteed a cost-per-lead. So no more worrying about marketing - all you have to do is close the deal.

We have

We have exactly what you need.

We exclusively work with solar PV installers.

Nothing else. So we know your industry inside and out. More importantly, we know your buyers and where to find them.

We pride ourselves on having the best.

We adopt the latest technologies before our competitors. And we hire the best employees.

Working with us is fully scalable

We can bring in more leads anytime we want. So when you’re ready to grow your business even more, just ask us to kick it up a notch, and we will.

We take pride in only giving you good leads.

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"Our last order saw us pull in a healthy 45% ROI"

"We've tried lots of lead gen companies, agencies and DIY channels, but with Solar Gen, there is a stark contrast. Their leads are of much higher quality which makes the job easier and allows us to just focus on what we do best. Because the prospects are easier to contact and are more receptive, our last order saw us pull in a healthy 45% ROI. With that said, I 100% rate and recommend Jonny and his team to anyone looking for high-quality solar PV leads."


"We usually home survey roughly about 30% of leads passed"

"Being a small business, we don't have the time and resources to out-market the big boys, but with Solar Gen being able to send us consistent volumes of quality leads, we save lots of  time, money and hassle just by speaking to people who want to talk to us. We usually home survey roughly about 30% of leads passed. Highly recommended!"


"80% of the leads progressed to quotes, which is exceptional"

"Not only did we get a very high contact rate, but 80% of the leads progressed to quotes too, which is exceptional. We  are pretty experienced when it comes to buying solar leads, but Solar Gen's seem to be far superior when it comes to consumer engagement. Highly impressive!"



We got into solar because we want to help the UK become a greener place one roof at a time. And we want to bring affordable renewable energy to as many people as we can.

However, it's the daily satisfaction we get from supporting independent solar installers to grow their business that truly motivates us.

We love nothing more than helping local and national solar PV installers not only transform their bottom line but enhance the lives of their employees and customers alike. To us, you guys are integral in achieving a greener UK, but it won't come easy! That's why we choose to partner with you, not just close a one-off sale.

So, if you’re tired of being burnt with bad marketing or watching your competition grow and prosper in front of you, why not team up with a like-minded growth partner who is happy to share the risk with you? To find out if you qualify, hit the button below!



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