Get more solar PV installs, with no risk.

Get more solar PV installs, with
no risk.

 We pay for all the ads... so you don’t risk anything.

Leads are pre-qualified and never recycled.

You only pay when a lead hits your inbox.


No risk

We pay for all the ads so you don't have to, all you have to do is close!

More transparency

No fluffy reports to hide behind, just crystal clear marketing that keeps you in control!

Better performance

Swell your profit by paying on performance, not potential - but with fixed pricing!

Our pitch is simple: we want to give you solar PV leads that will convert.

What do we mean? These are people who want solar PV. Plus, they live in a location you cover, their property qualifies and have specific motivations and time urgency. In other words, they are waiting for your call.

And we charge based on performance. You only pay us when we send you a lead. (In other words, there’s really no reason not to work with us... even if you already work with another marketing agency.)

Fixed pricing and superior value

Our Base Plan is a shared lead option where we send the lead to 2 separate installers (the industry norm is up to 4 installers per lead). Our starter plan has an instantly better return on investment when compared with the industry norm because you have less competition and a higher chance of winning the sale.

Our Pro Plan, on the other hand, offers full exclusivity! Leads of this quality are usually 3x times the price when compared to our competitor's. Meaning you get 3x times the opportunities, 3x times the savings and 3x times the profit for the same order value!

So, can you handle more solar installations?

For the exact price-per-lead, click the button below to see if you qualify first!


"80% of the leads progressed to quotes, which is exceptional"

"Not only did we get a very high contact rate, but 80% of the leads progressed to quotes too, which is exceptional. We are pretty experienced when it comes to buying solar leads, but Solar Gen's seem to be far superior when it comes to consumer engagement. Highly impressive!"


"We usually home survey roughly about 30% of leads passed"

"Being a small business, we don't have the time and resources to out-market the big boys, but with Solar Gen being able to send us consistent volumes of quality leads, we save lots of  time, money and hassle just speaking to people who want to talk to us. We usually home survey roughly about 30% of leads passed. Highly recommended!"


"Our last order saw us pull in a healthy 45% ROI"

"We've tried lots of lead gen companies, agencies and DIY channels, but with Solar Gen, there is a stark contrast. Their leads are of much higher quality which makes the job easier and allows us to just focus on what we do best. Because the prospects are easier to contact and are more receptive, our last order saw us pull in a healthy 45% ROI. With that said, I 100% rate and recommend Jonny and his team to anyone looking for high-quality solar PV leads."


How it works



We pre-qualify and validate every lead using workable criteria and advanced real-time tech, so you don’t waste your time pitching to duds, disconnects or non-qualifiers.


Super fresh leads

Then, one of our "human" team members will contact the lead to further validate its authenticity and warm it up before your first contact. We only send you leads that have asked to talk to you. They’re never “recycled” and solar is fresh on their minds.


Delivered in real-time

Whenever you get a lead that fits your requirements, we'll notify you within seconds either via email, SMS or pinged directly to your own CRM — giving your team the best chance of making a sale.


Only pay for what you get

Unlike other agencies, you don't pay for any ads, websites, experimentation or downtime, and you certainly don't pay for any mistakes or teething issues. You just get the end product, a hot lead!

Why our performance model is better

No risk

Under the traditional ad spend + retainer model, you could end up paying a ton of money and getting nothing in return. With us, that’ll never happen.

More transparency

We have no reason to hide anything from you using fancy reports and trivial analytics.

Better performance

It’s no secret, when you incentivise someone, they do a better job. So, why not pay your solar marketers like you pay your sales team, but with the benefit of fixed pricing!


Every lead we send you will:

  • Have all the prospects contact details checked and validated using a combination of AI and human quality control.

  • Be delivered in real-time via email, SMS or directly into your CRM.

  • Be 100% fresh first use and non-recycled, unlike most other providers.

  • Have distinct reasons and motivations for wanting to go solar.

  • Have indicated how soon they want their new PV installation.

  • Be a UK mainland homeowner.

  • Have a property that qualifies for solar PV.

  • Have a healthy spend on their monthly electricity bill.
yes i can handle more INSTALLS

Do you qualify to work with us?

Unfortunately, we can't work with everyone - because of our partnership approach, we only partner with reputable installers who have the resources to service high volume, high-quality leads. So we’ll need to chat with you first to find out if we're a fit.

If you’re interested in being one of our preferred installers, then book a call with us below.

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Customers come to our websites from all the major "intent-based" consumer marketing channels such as Google and YouTube plus more. Then, they fill out a form using strict criteria. When someone in your area fills out our form, we’ll send you their details (different notification options are available). It’s then up to you to make contact and close the deal. 

It's worth noting we generate and sell leads, not sales, so we will qualify everyone using strict criteria and validate their contacts details instantly to prevent any time-wasters seeping through the cracks. But ultimately, the first contact, first impression and follow up is down to you. We invite you to track your conversion rates on the leads we’re sending you. If our leads aren’t interested in solar or their contact details are not active, then you’re always welcome to drop us. (But that’s very unlikely.) 

We only send you prospects that show a genuine interest in getting solar PV, and we nurture them through strict qualification criteria. We validate their contact info in real-time. From there, we keep in touch with them to make sure they know you’ll be calling them shortly. (We don’t want to send you any leads that don’t have a chance to convert.)

We want to do right by our customers... so we can only work with reputable and trusted installers. For various reasons not all installers will qualify. Find out if you qualify by booking a meeting with us.

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